Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RepRap Rainbow Packs - ABS Group Purchase

One of the plastics that Makerbots and other 3D printers use is called ABS. ABS comes in many colors but most people have been using Black and "Natural" up until now because they are the most commonly available. We want to order some ABS plastic in Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow too so that we can make more fun and happy objects. The plastic is kind of expensive and it has to be bought in somewhat large minimum quantities. We want to fund a group purchase of all the colors and then divvy up the colors in portions to our backers so that each person can get a smaller amount of all the colors. We also want to be able to make fun colored objects that we can send to backers.

Here's the plan:

Once we get the money, we will place an order with Village Plastics. We are going to be looking to gather at least $2000 to start off with so we can get a 30 lb. spool of each color.

Once we get the plastic, we will spool out the 1 lb. quantities and mail the Rainbow Packs out.

Help spread the word by linking to the Kickstarter project page so we can help out as many people as possible. Thanks!

photo by Anke L