Monday, July 23, 2007

Cincinnati Enquirer featured in Wired

Jeff "Crowdsourcing" Howe featured The Cincinnati Enquirer as his exempli gratia in an article appearing in the August issue of Wired Magazine. It details the strategy of The Enquirer's parent Gannett for capitalizing on / surviving the effects of new media on the newspaper business. It features stories of, and quotes from a number of Enquirer employees including editor Tom Callinan. Howe touts the Data Center and cincyMOMS for exceeding profitability expectations and ushering in the "pro-am" future.

(The article is not up online yet, but as soon as it is I will provide a link.)

UPDATE: Here's the link to the Wired article.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Live Green Cincinnati suggests Spring (ok, Summer) cleaning as productive and green activity. Cleaning out my closet is definitely a big item on my todo list. I have way too much clothes. I really need to get rid of some of this stuff that I never wear. The normal process is to offer it to the younger cousins and take what they don't want down to Goodwill. I think, though, that as we get older the hand-me-down system is not what it used to be.

I was in Columbus last weekend and I had a chance to go for a ride down High Street. I was reminded of so many places that I loved while I lived there, one of which was Rag-O-Rama. I didn't shop there a lot (mostly just when I was looking for something odd). I did sell things there once or twice.

It struck me as we drove past that as far as I know there is no analogous business in Cincinnati. Goodwill is great and everything, but it would be cool if I could get some cash for clothes I'm getting rid of. Also, Rag-O-Rama always seemed to have a certain amount of fashion sense. It wasn't just ugly stuff nobody wanted anymore. It was kinda inspiring to shop there. Maybe there are shops like this in Cincinnati that I just don't know about?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

One World Weekend: A View of the World

A progressive party around the world -- each hour, the food, drinks, and entertainment change hemispheres.

TICKETS SOLD IN ADVANCE ONLY! -- cut off at 1,000 or on Friday 7/20 at 5 PM. Purchase online for $35 each at or by calling 513.721.2787.

Ticket good for 1 free drink
Free food samples every hour
ChicagoAfroBeatProject - their first Cincinnati appearance
Fashion show
3 DJs and other local entertainment
Free parking and free shuttle from/to Vinyl
Pre- and Post-party discounts at partner bars/restaurants

For more information: