Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Worm's Way

I have always had an interest in hydroponics, but I have never really gotten too into it. I like to geek out over stuff like that, though. It is like a cross between gardening and keeping an aquarium. And it's got kind of a DIY self-reliance vibe to it. Anyway, I recently came into the possession of a gift certificate to a local hydroponics shop called Worm's Way. This was as good a time as any to check out the hydroponics hobby and get my feet wet.

I visited the store in Erlanger last Saturday afternoon. It was really fun. The only hard part was figuring out what to use my gift certificate on. The staff was extremely helpful. We basically had a hydroponics expert at our personal service. He explained the different approaches to hydroponics and helped us understand our options for getting started in the hobby. It was nice to have a store employee that genuinely wanted to help and not talk down to you. Also, the store itself was full of hydroponics setups of all different types. Plants of all shapes and sizes. It was neat. I think visiting would be valuable for the fun and educational value even if you weren't going to buy anything. Check it out.