Monday, February 05, 2007

About Those Turbines

After the the city announced its new Solar and Wind Energy Project , at least one resident of nearby Morris St. was not too pleased.

"This will be flickering in my windows as it goes by everyday," complained Fred Orth, a retired city worker and resident of Morris Street, near the proposed site of the 120-foot high turbine, which will have a 10-foot blade span.

"I am very upset that they are ramming this through."

But a big pat on the back goes to Mr. Orth, because he didn't just complain about the problem. He didn't just oppose it and try to end it because it made him unhappy, which is often the course people tend to pursue. He took time to understand the situation and made a valuable, reasoned suggestion, which officials are now considering. Because of Orth's actions, the project leaders are bringing in more public comment on the project.

The Park Board will have a public meeting to discuss the turbine at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at its administrative offices, 950 Eden Park Drive.

Kudos to Fred Orth for being helpful citzen and tip of the hat to Joe Wessel's article in The Cincinnati Post.