Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More I-Team Coverage of Vine Street

Thanks to GetCincy I found out Laure Quinlivan was revisiting Vine street to examine its most recent developments. I didn't catch it on TV but the video is up on (transcript).

This is a much shorter and less in-depth report than the original 2001 Visions on Vine or the 2006 update. It focuses on Quinlivan's interview with Jean Robert and his plans to put a new restaurant in the "Gateway Quarter".

A lot of stores have recently opened in that area and a lot of condos are being built as well. I think it's pretty exciting myself. Park + Vine, City Roots, Mica, and Metronation are all stores that feel like they're designed just for me. I really hope that the momentum on that block continues, both over time and geographically.