Monday, March 17, 2008

Cincinnati metro bus route to get free Wi-Fi

Via MuniWireless:
The Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority will launch a three-month pilot program providing free Wi-Fi service to commuters aboard the Kings Island Express, one of the busiest suburban bus routes from Cincinnati’s northernmost suburbs to the city’s downtown. According to a news release issued today, neither taxpayer funds nor bus fares are being used to finance the program. Details will be released at a media event planned for Wednesday. Expect this program to be funded, at least in part, by advertisers and commercial sponsors, the finance mechanism that the city’s Project Lilypad has used to initiate free hot spot service in commercial areas around the city. --direct link to Business Courier article

It says this is a three-month pilot project, but it doesn't say whether that means they would roll it out to other routes if successful.

Route 71X schedule and map, other routes

If I were designing the network, I'd examine the possibility of using a mesh-network like the one Robin Chase talks about in this video from TED.