Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Economist cites need for muni Wi-Fi

Two good articles popped through my feed-reader today via muniwireless.com:

The Economist cites need for muni Wi-Fi

Opinion: What municipalities should be asking in citywide Wi-Fi planning

"Internet access for residential users was never going to be the mainstay for municipal Wi-Fi. Most communities are pretty well served these days by cable, DSL and satellite internet services. As a result, competition has beaten broadband-access charges down to around $15 a month. And where such services are not competitive, they quickly become so the moment municipal Wi-Fi presses its nose to the window.

No, the future of municipal wireless broadband rests on making cities safer, saner and simpler to manage. Trivial pursuits like downloading songs or posting video clips can be safely left to phone and cable companies." ~ The Economist