Sunday, June 10, 2007

Who is Tim Burke?

This week Tim Burke's name seems to have popped up in enough places to register on my mental radar. In hindsight I realize his name must have been floating through the news for years now, but I just now made the connection. He was involved in the eminent domain case in Norwood representing the City of Norwood. He is also the Hamilton County Democratic Chair and sent out a letter explaining the reasoning behind the Hamilton county Jail Tax recently passed by Comissioners Portune and Pepper. And he was a prominent proponent of the City Link center. He is also currently involved in a battle over zoning in Hyde Park.

So, when someone has this type of profile, I think it's useful to have an independent source of information about them. Toward that purpose, I've created a stub page for Tim Burke on the Beacon's Cincinnati Wiki. Do you know anything relevant about Tim Burke? Help us all out by heading over to the wiki and editing it.