Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thanksgiving in the Ohio River Valley

I've been reading my new Worldchanging book and it is awesome. The last few nights I've been making my way through the sections about food. There are all kinds of neat little articles in there.

In one article I read last night, they were talking about heirloom species, heirloom breeds, and argicultural biodiversity and they mentioned as an example a particular heirloom breed of turkeys. That got me thinking.

See, my mom mentioned to me yesterday that she was planning to go to Kroger today and buy a bunch of food for Thanksgiving (which we're hosting for ~30 people at our house). So, me being the brilliant individual I am, put 2 and two together and I thought, "Hey, I wonder how much of our Thanksgiving we could make local, organic, and sustainable?"

So, naturally I wanted to write a post about this on this blog which I'm trying to make all about cool things around Cincinnati. But I don't know a ton about this particular topic. Not enough to give Cincinnatians shopping advice.

My mental notes so far are:
tewes poultry farm
hollmeyer orchards

So, I need to do my usual research routine and bust out my Google skills. But I thought I'd solicit comments from people first, too. That'd be the smart/fun/efficient way to begin.

Do you know anything about local food around Cinnati / Ohio River Valley. Know any good organic products available at Kroger that are Thanksgiving-y?

Look for a post, hopefully in the next few days here, since I would prefer my vast audience has my post in hands in time to shop.